Canon: 35mm F2 is usm vs 35mm F1.4 L

With my multiple jobs within the photography field I get my hands on many lenses. This Saturday I had to video a wedding and my boss handed me the 35mm 1.4 L lens he rented from I had about a hour tonight to work with the f1.4 and so I took some photos to compare it to my 35mm F2.



Very simple set of images but if you know what to look for, you will catch the differences here. The Depth of field varies between the two lenses, which is a given with the f/stop difference. The amount of light the f1.4 allows in compared to the f.2 is significant causing me to change shutter speed in the photos between lenses.

Now, biggest question is..what is the price difference.

35mm f2 IS USM: MSRP $599.00      35mm f1.4 L: MSRP $1,099


Now, would you pay the difference here? Do you feel like it’s worth the f/stop difference? I’d say, it depends on what you plan on using it for, what do you shoot often? If you’re shooting in low light situations the f1.4 would be the given choice but the f/2 comes with 4 stops of Image Stabilization. Which is something I have not tested on my lens yet and will probably bring in a future blog post.


Until next time…



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