Working with a deadline.

So, as a freelance photographer for a newspaper, I work with short deadlines… most of the time.


When it comes to most sports, they don’t start until 7pm and with it starting late that cuts into my deadline of 9pm.  What I have learned to do in a short amount of time is, get 6-8 images I am happy with, jump into my car, turn on my wifi hotspot(Thanks Verizon) and get to importing my images into Adobe Lightroom. Once I find my images that I am happy with, I do some cropping and then export to my assigned setting given to me by the newspaper and that is just to make emailing the images an easier task. They need the images sent with taglines that are added into the file itself and into the body of the email.

Taglines are very new to me as I didn’t study photojournalism in college, I studied graphics. With that said, when I started working for the Joplin Globe as a stringer for sporting events, I had no idea what I was doing but with some google searches and looking at sports illustrated and newspapers I learned what a tagline needed and the format.

It was all hectic at first, trying to get my images all sent in, making sure my taglines are all correct format, names are spelled right, getting the correct numbers. It has played a big part into the photographer I am today.

BUT.. Every once and a while, you get lucky and a game starts early and that is what I love. Now with college, time is on my side, they start really early in the day, you have hours to go through images in most college sports for the most part. I cover mostly high school sports and towards the end of a season, you get championship games that start early. The early starting games are what I love, I have more time to be creative and I feel like I focus better on the art of the photo and not the art of the job.CarthageVsVianney_112418-3CarthageVsVianney_112418-4CarthageVsVianney_112418-5CarthageVsVianney_112418-7

This last weekend, I had a Missouri Semi-Final game that started at 3pm and I had a great day shooting it. Here are some of my images!

Until next time.. stay ON THE SHUTTER







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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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