New Year, New me?

Cliche right? Yes.

For real though, 2019 is going to be a big year for me… I hope.
The first big goal for me is to offer not just photography like I do already but to offer video as a service. I want to be able to capture any moment no matter what it is. I have landed a couple of freelance video jobs and that’s exciting! Right now, it has only been sports so far but excited to get into it. I am planning to offer weddings as well. Weddings are something I have shot video already but it has always been for another photographer under his name and business but I have done multiple on my own, so I know what gear I need to get so I can do them as a solo gig. I’m excited but nervous at the same time but that’s how it goes when starting something new.

The second goal of mine is to get into portrait sessions, whether that be seniors or couples. I have had multiple opportunities to do portrait sessions but typically my schedule doesn’t work out with theirs or I just don’t have the confidence to follow through and always suggested a photographer instead.

Another goal of mine is to be more present on social media. That is beyond my normal almost daily Instagram post but to share more with my media facebook page, twitter and here on the blog. I feel like I could definitely do better in this area even though I post pretty often. I want to get my work out there, find new creative minds, get to some meetups and create more videos to share.

The last goal of mine is to build my YouTube channel up. With the goal to create more videos for clients, I would like to create videos for YouTube about my work, how I shoot what I shoot, my day on the sideline at a sporting event… Whatever it may be I want to share what I am doing, how I am doing it or just a day in the life stuff.

Who knows really but I am want to just create more in general.

So with 2019 on the run, these are my goals when it comes to my media side of life.
Until next time, STAY ON THE SHUTTER!

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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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