Frozen Times

What do you do in the winter when it’s unbearable to go outside and take photos or video?


Winter is a hard time for me. Hard to want to get out of my warm house and go out with my camera. I just want to create more, edit and share photos and video but the cold… This winter to stay creating and get the camera off the shelf, I busted out my flash and took photos in the living room multiple times. Simple stuff but it was nice to have something to edit and mess around with. My full-time job, I have videos to edit pretty constantly but when work is over and the weekend is here, I need work to keep me sane, to keep me on the path of constant growth.

I even started this blog to stay busy, to have a constant thing to work towards, to share what I am doing, working on my storytelling, or writing skills.


Do you have something you do to stay creative during the winter months? Something to keep you working and growing? Try new things, create new images, videos, editing skills, and technique.



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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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