DIY Anamorphic Lens Filter

Video has grown into a good chunk of what I do now for a living. I work at a marketing agency and I shoot and edit the videos. Well, now I am always looking for new ways to stay creative and to create more often whether it be video or photo.

I am now taking my passion for youtube and will start shooting videos of photo and video-based videos. Recently I came across an Anamorphic Filter on a google search for filters. I had heard about the lenses that are crazy expensive and then I had seen companies that made anamorphic filters to give you that look like you were using an Anamorphic lens.

I took things into my own hands, did a little bit of research of what the filters do and are and seen a DIY video on how to create a filter to give you the looks of using the Anamorphic lens without spending much money at all.

Here is my youtube video I created, give it a watch and hope you enjoy!


Until next time


Published by dereklivingston9

I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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