$5 fisheye lens

Well, I was going to make this into a video but a blog post with photos will do.

At Walmart I always see the clip on phone lenses for like $5 and always say, nah. Last week I said you know what, it might be kind of fun. My wife bought it and I tried it out on our trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We were going there with the in-laws for a evening at the casino and since I wasn’t going to gamble I figured I’d try out the lens while I lost a tad bit of money.

As you can see its def a cool perspective and change but with any fisheye you will get the outlining black. They’re def not print worth images but to capture a place in a different way for $5 you can’t beat it an I right?

Anyways, the kit came with a slight wide angle and macro lens that I didn’t try out too much but the fisheye was def a cool feature to carry around in your pocket.

Well thanks for checking out another post. A new YouTube video will come in the next couple days showing footage from a recent client video that I had a blast on.

Until next time stay, On the Shutter!

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