My GO-TO lens for photo and video

The Canon 35mm f/2 IS USM is my go-to for photography and video. It was my first big Canon lens purchase, heck it was my first lens purchase on the Canon side.

The first reason why I bought this lens is that the guy I shot weddings with used the Canon 35mm f’1.4 and before seeing how the 35mm looked like I had always shot either 50mm or longer. I shot mostly sports up to this point and that would have me with a 70-200 in my hand so when I saw the 35mm I instantly fell in love. With that said, I wasn’t looking to spend the money for the f/1.4 L series lens so the f2 with image stabilization was my next option.

The image stabilization allows up to 4 stops of stabilization which is awesome for photo and video. I shoot almost all of my video handheld when it comes to personal videos and so it comes in really handy and makes less work in post to stabilize.  I paid about $350 I think and it was slightly used but you couldn’t tell and I love this lens.

Here is a small video with some sample footage I shot with the 35 on my Canon 5d Mark IV. Below the video, I will put some photos that I have taken with the 35mm.


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