In love with my GIMBAL

Hey guys and gals!


So, I am in love with my Zhiyun Crane 2 and I know, I know! I have written a couple blogs about this but the more I get to use it, the more I love it. Comparing it to the Ronin-S, the Crane 2 to me, blows it out of the water. I can literally set up the Crane 2 in half the time it takes me to set up the Ronin S.

I am going to drop a couple videos I have shot recently with it. The Camaro video I shot in under 5 min today and did some simple edits with it in Adobe Premiere PRO. So far the ease of using the Crane 2 is awesome and def. worth the $400 I spent on getting it. Hope to shoot some more in the future with it and get some fun edits to the youtube channel. If you all have any questions let me know.

I have added Warp Stabilizer to both of these videos but only 5% so it’s pretty awesome, to say the least.


Until next time, stay ON THE SHUTTER!



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