Thorncrown Chapel

6,000 sq feet of glass.

425 windows.

Natural light is the least of your worries when seeing this chapel. That is something I am always looking for as a photographer and videographer. Natural light is the best light for most scenarios. This is a place we stop at every time we make our way down Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Well, our last visit to the chapel I took fewer photos and shot more video. I am trying to shoot more video while I am out and about to I can constantly have something to edit and mess around with in premier pro.

Here is a quick edit showcasing the chapel a bit.

If you check out the blog before this, I had made a little video edit of downtown Eureka Springs.


Thanks for stopping by for another blog, not much to say here but I fell off for a bit and trying to get back to posting more and sharing more of my work.


Until next time…



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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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