A new chapter: Wedding Videography

So a new time has come for me as a photographer and videographer. I have officially booked my first wedding video and it’s not until 2020. Up to this point, I have shot wedding video for a friend and when I do that, I shoot and he edits. So the creative part is taken when it comes to the overall outcome. Nothing wrong with that, I love working for him and being busy almost every weekend but I am ready to start something of my own.

With my first one booked, another inquiry came my way and got to thinking I should show some of my work and since I don’t have any of my footage but one wedding I figured I would create a short teaser from a recent wedding and here that is.

Check it out here.


So, let’s hope this is a good new chapter I am starting and I can get this thing moving.


Until next time… STAY ON THE SHUTTER.


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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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