Where are you going?

Where are you going?

I went to a new job. I left the marketing agency and went to a company as the in-house videographer. I am a few weeks in now and it’s good, very good.  In short the move to a new job was a money move for me. Last job had no benefits when it came to paid vacation, retirement plan, sick time, raises..etc.  I needed a job where I could have benefits, raises, 401k etc and now I have that. This job allows me to grow outside of work also, grow as a videographer and the few dollar raise plus benefits.

Now to the new job. I am going from a PC to a Mac. Very little learning curve but I am getting used to it quickly. What is crazy is, I have never been able to edit 4k footage with playback and the mac plays it back with no hiccups and I didn’t even realize it until I got done editing it. That video will come soon but it was at a new Axe throwing location here in Joplin and I shot it all in 4k c-log and not one hiccup in playback. So props to apple on that. Speaking of 4k, I bought a new PC or you could say built one with a guy so I can edit 4k at home, the laptop is dead when it comes to editing video so it will strictly be my photo editing laptop and what not.

Well, below I created a video on one of my early days at my new job. Check it out below and ill talk to you all soon again with more video and photos.


Until next time…


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