I was just thinking about this today as I sat at work. Youtube was something I wanted to pursue for awhile. Create videos of my gear and review it in my way but… That is overdone, I think. I did a few like that at the start and those videos happen to be my highest view but then… You run out of gear to review and so I stopped for awhile, I moved, got new gear, didn’t like it enough to review it or what not and ended up selling it. Now I just post videos I shoot while I am at a new cool spot, out on trails, cars, whatever it may be and the views are so much lower. That’s fine. I am happier just shooting random stuff throughout my week or a night out throwing axe’s or at a brewery.

Back to youtube. I love it and I think most of us do if you like photography, videography, or what have you. I mean, how awesome would it to be to work from home, shoot videos, talk about things you love on video and get paid for it. Paid trips, free gear, collabs with other creators, that would be awesome, right? I think so.

Anyways, I am thinking of bringing different videos to my youtube here pretty soon along side the videos I have been sharing with you all here on the blog. I just bought some new audio gear that allows me to get much better audio and I think with that said, I would like to do some just vlogs, not a vlog where I am out in public, more of just sitting in my home office and talking about my experiences, maybe gear that I really love, or what I look for in a photo, or what I am keeping an eye out for when I shoot events, weddings or sports. I am thinking my first one will be about sports photography and I will go with what gear I use and have used, why I like it or don’t and just talk about my passion for sports photography.

Sports photography is one of my biggest passions and besides my full time job as a videographer, I shoot sports very often for a local newspaper as a freelancer, so its just whenever they give me the call, if I am not busy I take it. With that said..

If there is any topics or things you have seen I have wrote about before and would like me to go into detail, let me know. I am totally open to suggestions. I am not looking to make youtube anything other than just something to look back at as visuals to see my growth and my life. I think the visuals will be something to look back on and see my growth as a photographer/videographer.

Anyways, thanks for reading my rambles today. I plan to be more consistent here as time moves on and try 1-2 a week even if its just like this where I kind of just ramble on about something.

Have a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate it and I will see you next week!


Published by dereklivingston9

I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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