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Recently I shot a video for a local barbershop and it was a collab with another barber from California. The whole premise you can say is “Razor(Kansas) vs Shears(California)”.

What I want to talk about is the shoot in general. This is my first client shoot since I left the marketing agency and it was a blast. This shoot was given a main idea by the client/friend but they were totally open to ideas and didn’t shut everything down that I might have come up with it. The workspace was super chill, relaxed and totally up my ally which made this shoot very enjoyable. I am pumped to get to do more shoots with this client and with others in the future.

Now to the shoot. The main stationary camera was the Canon 5d Mark iv with a 35mm f2 IS USM and that covered both of the models as they got their haircuts/styled. Then I had a Canon 5d Mark III with a Canon 85mm f1.8 on the Zhiyun Crane 2 capturing close-ups of the action(cutting, blading, etc). For lights, I used a $30 led panel that I placed up high and angled it down and that served as the main light and then I used two can lights with LED bulbs. With those, I had one focused on each model. No diffusion on any of these lights.

Here are a couple behind the scene photos I took with my phone so you can see what it kind of looks light for overall set up.

I am picking up the footage from the client later on today so I can get a little video together to show you guys some of the shots I captured during this 3ish hour shoot. When I say “picking up the footage” .. this isn’t a typical shoot where the client gets the footage raw and all but this barber/friend is doing a video competition and she does video edits herself, so she will edit and create the video she wants from what I shot. I am simply getting the footage so I can create something completely independent and have something for my sample reel for future clients possibly, plus I just like to edit and create videos.

Well, I will have sample footage in the near future but thanks for coming back and checking out my new post. Check out my older ones and follow me on the socials.


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