Morning Hike


So, I set out the day after Christmas to catch some views, the fog and just get outside. It was getting up to 65 degrees and seeing that in Kansas the day after Christmas is unheard of so I knew I had to get outside. It didn’t take me long to choose where I wanted to go, Lester R Davis State Forest has been one of my favorite places to visit since I moved over to the Pittsburg, Kansas area.

This piece of land is seriously one of the best places to go hike. It’s small but it’s in the middle of nowhere and very easy to get to and that’s what I love about it. No road noise, just the sound of nature and that is what I want out of a quick hike. I say quick, I should just say easy. You can make it last as long as you want with the amount of lanes you can take.

This is a snippet from the Missouri dept of conservation. “Lester Davis purchased this land in 1951. The land had been strip mined in the 1920s and was all mine spoils. Lester Davis spent over 15 years planting over 100,000 trees and shrubs. Over 300 different tree and shrub species were planted during this period. Mr. Davis donated the land to the Missouri Department of Conservation in 1968. Approximately 3 miles of hiking trails exist on the area.
Bikes are allowed on all the mapped hiking/bike trails on the area. Bikes are not allowed off the mowed trails. Approximately 3.0 miles of trails.”


With that said, it’s a must-visit if you’re in the area. Also, right across the road is a Prarie State Park where you’ll be able to see Bison as it is protected land that also has some hiking.

Here is a short video from my recent morning hike. Enjoy!

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