Moonshiners Cave and Waterfalls

Hey everyone!

I am back with some more outdoorsy stuff for you all. Oh, and happy new year!

So, to close out 2019 I went hiking during my Christmas break and yes, I said Christmas break. My new job is pretty awesome about giving us employees days off to be with family and it’s a great way to show appreciation. Now, with that said, to the hiking.

I went down to Devils Den National Park down in Arkansas last week and hiked a couple trails with camera and all. My first stop was Moonshiners Cave trail and wow. The moonshiner’s cave trail isn’t really marked but with the AllTrails app, it made it super easy to find my way down to the cave. At the cave, there is a waterfall so I spent an hour down there taking photos and just exploring the area around it. I also, found another waterfall around that same area so I spent some time taking photos there as well. It was an awesome morning. After hiking out of there I went into Devils Den a little further and did the Devils Den trail which had some awesome features and a couple waterfalls. It was a very awesome way to end 2019.

Here is a video I put together of some of the shots. Check it out here!

Thanks for checking it out. Let’s all have a great 2020 and to see some of the photos I took from this day of hiking, check out my Instagram!


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