Long Exposure Photography

I have had a resurgence in long exposure photography for the past couple of months. Long exposures help make some images, what they are. Shooting a long exposure of a waterfall adds that motion to smooth out the waterfall, or adding traffic streaks in downtown city scenes as cars pass by something. It just adds that factor of pop that some images need.



There are many other ways long exposure can help an image. You can do it with a large body of water to smooth it out if there is any movement in it. There is astrophotography, shooting the milky way or even star trails. The list goes on and beyond many ways that I have tried myself. I have been doing my fair share lately and felt that there are some tips that can help people get into it themselves to add that so-called pop to your work.


I don’t claim to know everything or that this video covers everything. This is simply tips that helped me out and things I learned doing it myself. I hope you get the chance to watch this video and maybe try it out for yourself.



Published by dereklivingston9

I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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