Capturing audio can be tough

Capturing audio can be tough and since I am still pretty new to video and audio gear, I have to find ways to make it work with what I have. With starting my youtube channel and videoing weddings, audio can really add that touch to the video you may need.

So, I went on a search for a budget audio recorder that would be versatile enough to use in many situations. I sat on this Sony recorder for months and during those months I kept saying, ” why don’t I just spring some money and buy a zoom recorder”. The reason for that is because I used Zoom at my old job and I use it at my new job. I know how to use it and I know the quality is pretty amazing when used properly. Then I got looking at the size and so on, then finally I said, I will get the Sony for under $50 and give it a shot and if I don’t like it, I will spring for a Zoom.

This audio recorder is small enough to fit in a pocket of a suit jacket for weddings, no loose parts other than the mic you plugin. It would also work in other ways without the mic that I have and there are plenty more options I haven’t even worked with. I literally opened it up, plugged in my memory car and mic and used it. I have used it on the past few videos with very little post-processing to the audio and it works amazing.

Check out the video below!

Jump to 1:25 for the comparison between the camera audio and the Sony ICD-PX audio

Sony audio recorder:


See you all next time! This is my second post today as I also created another video about my Canon 5d mark iv color grading upgrade. Check it out in my last post!



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