The first roll of 35mm film developed – Nikon f4

Well, today was the day and what I mean by that is, my film came back from Fuji. This is the film I mentioned shooting in a recent blog. I picked up a Nikon f4 and put some Fuji 400 film and went out for a hike and shoot.

The look of film caught me by surprise and I think the reason behind that is because so many people on Instagram go for the film look but are shooting digital with a preset to make it look like the film. That doesn’t cut it when you get a real roll of 35mm film developed. Its such a cool and unique look and I am in love I think. Ha



I am super excited for the future and hope to make it a part of something bigger than just going out and shooting random stuff. I would love to shoot some portraits with it and my biggest plan is to buy a shutter release trigger and shoot waterfalls and the stars! Yes, the stars! I shoot the stars pretty often in the summer and plan on shooting the milky way a good bit this coming up spring and summer and hope to share that all with you here.

The video above will show you some of my images along with my hike when I first went out. Check it out to see the images, its a super short video! If you shoot film, what do you shoot with?

Thanks for coming back for another blog and I hope you all have a great week!



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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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