A Short Film

Hey everyone, this week on YouTube one of my favorite creators put up a video challenge. That challenge was to create a short film/documentary about our time during this COVID-19 situation. Immediately my idea and shots came to mind on what I will create. Usually when a youtuber/creator puts out a contest I have nothing, no ideas, no shots or the ability to compete. This time was different.

This time was different because of my wife. My wife is a nurse at one of our local hospitals and besides being a nurse, she is also on the Intensive Care Unit. The ICU is where they often see patients that are positive for COVID, along with many other things. My wife’s work cycle will be the theme of this video is what popped in my head right as Matti Haapoja announced the competition. That is when all of the shot ideas popped in my head.

The shot ideas consisted of her alarms going off at 4 something in the morning and getting to work a little before 6. It’s still dark out when she goes to work and often by the time she gets home, it’s either dark or the sun is setting. A 14 hour work day is typical for my wife and though it’s only 3 days a week, it takes a toll on a person(not that I can speak from a personal stand point, other than I can see what it does to my wife when she has to do all 3 days in a row)

My plan of attack to get what I wanted from the shots, was just shoot her getting ready, going to work and coming home. From getting up, getting ready, going to work in the dark, the time passing during the day and her getting home late. All of this leads into going to bed to complete the cycle of her crazy schedule during this time.

Watching this back, I am proud. Not of what I created, but truly going through the shots and seeing what a toll it has on her and how she keeps pushing.

This is my first short film you can say. My life before this video has mostly been business videos, short YouTube videos or just little travel films of my weekend adventures. This one was a delight to make and felt really good to get into something new for once.

I am done talking now so.. here is the video!