Open minded.

If I am to take anything from this quarantine and the new normal we are going to have to deal with is being creative is everything in this world. If I didn’t have multiple ways to be creative whether that be, YouTube or posting to Instagram or even writing this blogs, I would be stir crazy. I love creating, I love the process and having an end goal and video or photo to share with my viewers or followers.

During this time I have been awoken to many things and that is, if you don’t continue to create, you can hit a long road of digging out. I tried to get out in the car and take photos, create videos in the house or kitchen with whatever it may be. I spent plenty of time watching videos and finding ideas to work off of to stay creative. Many I have shared on here and on my socials throughout this time. It all flew by really and i hadn’t realized until last week when talks of going back to work, that it has been months since I was sent home.

Let me preface that, I didn’t lose my job, we were simply sent home to continue working. Luckily for me, I work for a company where we were able to adapt and continue putting out videos. Those videos changed to more graphic driven videos but it was work and for that I am beyond thankful I could keep going through this time.

With that said, being home was a blessing. Spending the days just feet from my kitchen, my two dogs, cat and my wife when she was home, was awesome. Id say our marriage is much stronger because of our time together during this time. We cooked dinners together, or id have meals planned out while she was working. She is a nurse so work never stopped for her as well, if anything it was put into over-drive with her being on the Intensive Care Unit.

Working from home would be my personal choice if I had the option to do it full time but being a videographer at my job, that’s not really possible. Well, I mean it is possible if I just went in for shoot prep, shoot and tear down and then edit from home. It’d save me the 45min drive to work and the traffic of driving home at 5pm. It would awesome but that’s not how it goes and that’s okay. I like my drive, it gives me time to listen to my music and podcasts, things I don’t normally get to listen to on road trips or normal drives if the wife is in the car. Simply because I don’t want to put her through my slow podcasts or my music of screaming and loud guitars, she will rock out to some of it though but it’s easier to listen to things we agree on for the most part. The drive also gives me time to zone out and think about photo ideas or video shoot ideas or trips, whatever it may be.

Overall, I would say I am more motivated now more than ever. Covid changes many things, hurt many people and changed many things but one benefit is the work ethic I will be bringing from here on out. Also, I now know how important any time with friends and family is and can’t wait to get back to seeing my family and getting out.

See you all next time. Best wishes and stay strong