A graduation that didn’t happen.

Proud husband moment.

My wife graduated again. This time it’s for her BSN in Nursing from Pittsburg State University. The Livingston name isn’t new to PSU. My grandpa, dad, two brothers, both sister in laws and now my wife. There might be a few others in that list but anywayssss this is about my wife.

I know this is different from my recent posts on here if you’re a normal reader but that’s okay.

Back to my wife. She’s had a motivation to be a nurse and do the best that she can at the job. She went to a 2 year program in Fort Scott, Ks and then after that graduation she went to work at Freeman in Joplin, Mo and went back to school to get her BSN and then quarantine came. Graduation would have been last week and she didn’t get to walk across the stage. Yes, the school has allowed them to come walk after things are back to normal but my wife is on the move. She will be going back to school again to continue on this medical life.

To the proud moments. She works hard at work and after work and you can tell in how she talks about her struggles from work and her motivation to get homework done ahead of time, taking time to make sure it’s good enough. She would finish assignments but not turn it in and do it again. She stresses too much, yes but she always does awesome on her work. It’s awesome to see her successes and her motivation to be a better work and student. She doesn’t have to work on being an awesome wife because she does way more for us than I do and I know how lucky I am.( yes honey, I mean that and I do notice it) <– she doesn’t know what I am writing about until I send it to her or she sees me tweet the link so 🙂

With no graduation, we decided or well she decided she wanted to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma for her celebration. She decided to go down to one of her favorite breweries and so we went to Nothing’s Left brewing co. where they are known for their quirky beers. Jolly rancher sour, fruity pebbles, sweet tart inspired. It’s always something new, so we went down, grabbed lunch and had some beer. It was a good time and we started out with a couple philly steak sandwiches, which were amazing!

Here is a short video from that trip. Check it out!

I love you Terra.

I am so proud of you.

See you all next time!

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