Recently I have come to realize that I don’t see things in the same light as others. Others that are pretty close to me in life. Some people, well everyone is raised differently. Some are raised on hate, some on love, etc…

I am shocked in today’s world that people around me can simply not like someone for skin color, where they’re from, how someone looks. Mind boggling that in 2020 we still have people who hate others simply because of their skin color. I go silent when I hear the hate come out of someones mouth. I am so confused how a person of God can be so judgmental and hateful at any given time. Gossip and judging people in anyway has always really got my blood boiling.

The world we live in is crazy in so many ways. So many good things happen but yet so many things go ignored because it doesn’t benefit the people in power or the media or the rich. Whatever it may be, if it doesn’t benefit them to do something about it then they don’t do anything. Right now our man in power is probably having a twitter fight with someone much smarter than him and he can’t handle that.

A city is burning because they’re tired. Tired that nothing will ever be done and that is where my facebook and twitter comes in and shows their true colors or what I should say, lack of color. You see pictured of 3 black men that have been killed for example 1 wrote a bounced check but next to them are 3 mass murderers(white guys) that are being handcuffed and taken alive. That’s our history and those photos will hopefully make it the history books or whatever classrooms use these days and kids will know the truth of how things are.

I am not saying all cops are bad but the cops that are bad, almost always get away with it. Two men killed a black man while he was on his run just weeks before and they went home and were’nt charged until like a day later even though they had video!

Off that subject, then you have Jeff Ep. He goes to a prison where many other high profile convicts have gone. This man has so much dirt on so many rich people it’s disgusting. Poof, camera’s stop working, armed guards both had to take a dump at the same time and he’s murdered. But wait, they try to fake his death by faking a hanging, which the broken bones prove are not correct if he done himself in. That is all ignored, no investigation, no updates on what his files shown, camera footage from his island.. nothing. Because those rich guys are in charge. Photos show the men but the national media ignores it.

What I am saying is i’m sick and tired of it all and there needs to be a change.

Change needs to happen.

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