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Open your eyes to the hate. Those who say peaceful protest would have been the way to go. Are the same people who cancelled KAP for kneeling about the injustice! Those who stood with him were hated and cancelled in this society. Too many years of no change because the powerful have an agenda and that doesnt include those of simply different skin color. I don’t know how they feel but I stand with them in this fight. Change has to come now more than ever.

To see the footage of peaceful protesters being shot with rubber bullets and teargas(which is illegal) is mind boggling and thats just the tip of the iceberg. Placing pallets of bricks, old cop cars from the 90s in the middle of the street. Arresting people who are on their knees with their hands up in the middle of the day and roughing them up to put on cuffs. Sickening that people stand for this.

Seeing footage of men in Arkansas with rifles standing on the corners at the square and the cops just let it go but a black man or woman standing with a sign unarmed and on their knees are taken down with force. WHAT!? It doesn’t make sense.

The system is failing them and change needs to come now!

Be there for the positive change. I am also not saying the looting is good and the destruction but when you go unheard for so long, anger builds up. Unarmed people are being injured and killed too often and the cops get away with it. The ones that are supposed to protect us.

Be the change.

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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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