Back at the office

June 15th and I am back at the office full time. Work is going by crazy slow the first day back. I am hoping that all changes as things get moving along here and let’s hope that no one gets sick now that were all back at work. I only say that because cases have gone up in our area in the past week. with 5 new cases in a day which is at the higher end of daily cases we have had in the Joplin area.

My desk is off by its self and I feel like that may be one reason my day is going by crazy slow. Working from home I had my kitchen and my pets all close by and a window. Window light was amazing to have and not just white noise. My desk at work I sit back in a corner and the only noise you hear is the occasional train or the fan from my computer turning on to keep up with whatever is going on. When I have a video to edit that obviously gives me something to listen to or hear but for the most part its just white noise. People come and go on my no shoot days but for the most part it’s silence, which can take a toll, so I occasionally will play random videos or music while I am working on non video edits, like typing up something for a objective at work or what not.

I know it’s going to take a bit to get back into the groove of driving over to work and sit in my silent corner. All was good when I left before Covid. Work flew by before it all went down so it will just take time to get used to going from my home office with everything at your fingertips to the work office. Love my job so no complaint, just an adjustment period with getting back to working at the office.

I am glad summer is here as well. Getting up for work at 5:30 and the sun is already peaking is amazing. It makes it so much easier to get up when its already getting bright out and even better when you can leave work and the sun is still pretty high in the sky. Huge mood boost with that for sure.

Summer being here means some sports are back and if you didn’t know I do sports photography so I have been able to go out and shoot some youth summer sports. Softball and baseball to be exact and it’s been fun getting back out there. You can see my sports work at

Anyways, thats it really for now. I will have a fun blog when I finish my roll of film in my Nikon f4 with some milky way photos hopefully and will have a video to go along with that.

Hope everyone is doing great and see you next time!

Published by dereklivingston9

I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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