4th of July means fireworks and as I have fond memories of growing up in a small town and shooting off fireworks for a whole week and spending every penny I could to get some and even worked some tents for a couple years, I do have one bad memory.

July 5th in 2009 a friend and I were taking apart fireworks and stuffing the insides into a paper artillary tube and added long slow fuses. Well in the mix of creating 10 or so, one of the long fuses from an atrillary shell got mixed with the long green slow fuse and well the rest is history. That one that got mixed was one that I chose to throw. Yep, you can guess it.. it blew up in my hand. My strong dominant right hand. Weeks before I had signed a art scholorship to college for a full ride. I didnt a little bit of everything but drawing and painting were my strong suits, along with anything with clay. Instead of going on and on about this, heres the bullet points.

-Blew my hand open(not going to gross you out with the picture but you could see bone, muscle, tendon..etc)

-Stitches didnt hold so umm, I basically let it heal with super glue and peroxide to keep it clean every half hour.

-Went to college and got my assosciates degree in fine arts.

Now, here we are today, bachelors degree in a digital art form instead. Digital Communication that is. Now, instead of shooting fireworks with a lighter, I point a camera at it, from a good distance.

Here are some images I took on the 4th of July at my cousins firework show. Not much to it but I just shot around with different settings and no tripod this year because of laziness.

I hope you all had a safe and fun 4th of July.

Published by dereklivingston9

I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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