My new go-to FILM – Kodak Ektar 100

So, I finally got to finish up my Ektar 100 film. A film best known for portraits if I remember right. I tried to focus on portraits with this film but I did take a couple landscape photos and I loved how they came out!

I shot these with my Nikon f4 + Nikkor 20mm f2.8d. With it being a 100 film it had to be used in the day time but I would love to try some long exposures with this film to see how they would turn out. You will notice that this film has a red/magenta look to the skin tones.

Check out this video to see my favorite images from the roll!

Thanks for checking it out and soon I will have a decent blog post about my first wedding video shoot. I am in the process of editing it now and I am in love really.

See you all next time!

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