My first wedding film.

This past weekend I shot my first wedding film. Well, not really my first. I have shot 20-30 over the past 3-4 years of doing them. This past weekend was my first wedding film under my name. What I mean by that is, before this weekend, I had been shooting them for another photographer and all I would do is simply shoot the footage and then he would do his magic in the editing bay. Well, I was approached by a few couples that had seen my work online or instagram or through word and asked if I would shoot their weddings.

Now, I had been thinking of maybe getting into wedding films of my own. Where I can shoot my way and edit them the way I see fit to my style. Working for someone else, you have guidelines to stick to and that is so you keep consistency and style all in tact. My style doesn’t differ but I shoot things more freely and edit differently. Plus, I want something that is mine and something I can grow in. Videography is my full time job as well but that comes with company guidelines and branding you have to stick to. I shoot sports and events and the occasional portrait shoot but video is where I want to move into doing more of.

With that said, I seen these couple of weddings I have booked to really see if this is something I want to do. Do I want to do the shooting and the editing all on my own and build something of my own. Or do I want to stick to the comfort of shooting and leaving the editing to the other guy. I think I am ready and for what I am charging I am going at this from a bare bones perspective. I don’t have too many rules I am trying to stick to. I go with the flow of the day and capture the pure moments, the tears, the laughs and jokes. I capture the audio with a mic on the camera and keep it to a minimal use of putting a mic on someone. You will hear in this video the occasional sound clip to add atmospheric sounds over the music and when it comes to the speeches, I grab some loving or funny moments that keep the spirit high but not overly done.

There are things I would change about this in the future. Maybe less clips of the same moments, Work on being steadier with the 85mm lens when shooting close ups. I shot most of this with my Sigma 24mm f1.4 art lens with a Tiffen pro-mist 1/4 filter. The whole video is shot handheld at 60fps. The 60fps will and did allow me to slow down some clips to capture moments in slow motion and help with stability. Warp Stabilizer is used on some of the clips as well to add the smoothness to them. I used a LUT from Matti Haapoja’s Cine Lut pack. I tried to keep it very basic and very minimal use of transitions. Occasionally I would cut to the beat or tone of the song or just have a hard cut. I thought of adding overlays and adding this or that to help with transitions but I went back on that and kept it pretty raw. I am not one for flashing transitions and what not.

I hope you took the time to watch the video. It is pretty long but it’s their big day and I wanted them to have all the great moments. All in all, they loved it. Which was a great moment for me. I never had a story line or shot list. I just went and let it flow and when putting the video together it all kind of comes together in my head and it worked out and I was personally happy with it as well.

Hope all is well and I will be doing a highlight video on this where I put together all of my favorite clips but that will come in a few weeks. Solo wedding #2 is this coming weekend!

Until next time, stay safe, smile and love those around you.

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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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