Another roll of film. Portra800

The title says it all, I have finished another roll of film and that is a 35mm roll of Kodak Portra800. This film came out with some of my favorite images ive taken since getting my Nikon f4. I take the film camera out for family gatherings or weekend outings and so a recent weekend some of us got together and stayed at a cabin. It had it’s own dock on the lake and it was a good time overall.

We got on the boat, went swimming, played cards, say by the fire and just hung out. I shot all of the photos with the only lens I have for this camera and that is Nikkor 20mm f2.8d lens so it’s a pretty wide focal length but I like how it looks.

Click on the first shot to see the full resolution and click through the gallery!

Dogs, nieces, sisters and the in-laws are all present here in these photos as well as my sister in law and my wife, Terra. It was great weekend and I love the dynamic range the portra800 offered. Worked great shooting in the shadows and not blowing out the highlights on a high sun day where the lighting change is dramatic. I will be using this film again for sure but for now my next roll is just a roll of FUJI 200 color and after that is a special film I am saving for my trip to Dallas in a couple weeks.

Quick note on that special film*

I have a roll of CineStill 800T and I will be using this film for night photography around Dallas. My wife and I will be staying at an AirBNB down in Deep Ellum for a few nights and then over on the west side of downtown for the other half of our trip. I hope to come out with some awesome photos and I cant wait to see what comes from it.

You may ask, why Dallas? Well, before covid we bought tickets to the My Chemical Romance reunion tour and Dallas was the closest city for us and so we followed up with tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game. MCR rescheduled to 2021 and Dallas cancelled tickets and so we got a refund and when they put out the limited ticket sale our normal seats ended up doubling in price which pushed us up a level and this was the year we planned on splurging to a low level so.. We will wait and use our refund for 2021 in hopes we can get the lever we prefer. So with all of that said, we kept our AIR BNB’s deciding we can see parts of the city we never usually get to see and be able to keep safe at the same time so night street photography is on the list, along with a trip to Waco and check out some breweries around the city as well. BrainDead is one of our go-to’s.

See you all next time!

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