Atlanta Wedding.. Atlanta, Kansas that is.

You read that right, Atlanta, KANSAS. A very small town to be what seemed to be ran off of one grain mill/co-op situation. Post office, a general store and a gas pump you have to have a special card to use. I found that out the hard way but a local was kind enough to swipe her co-op card so I could fill up my tank, I paid her cash in return. It’s a good start to a day of new surroundings, in a place I had no idea existed. The town of Atlanta exists in south central Kansas, south of Wichita and North of Arkansas City and it’s only 307 acres big. Now you know the surroundings I am off to find a small farmhouse where the video will start from.

A couple miles outside of town, is a little farmhouse, a barn, storm shelter and a tire swing. A house that has been in the family for decades. A place where the family meets post the passing of the mother/grandmother. Memories were had and memories will be made. Just a short distance away down a gravel road is the church. The church holds a special place in the heart of this family. Morgan, the bride who is getting married today will repeat something her mother did years ago and that was getting married where her parents were married. This little church outside of Atlanta, Kansas just a couple miles from the family farmhouse. How awesome is that. You can imagine the patina, the feelings and memories that echoed in this little church. It gives you that feeling that I don’t know how to describe but a feeling when you go back to a place you once visited as a child and it takes you back. Small churches do that for me, as it reminds me of going to church with my grandma to a small stone built church in my hometown.

I could go on and on but I will say it right now. This is my favorite wedding video yet. The feelings that went through me while I shot this were next to nothing. Leaving this wedding, I knew I had something special in this video. On the 3 hour drive home in the dark, I knew exactly what I was going with on this video. 8 hours later on Sunday, I came out with this video.

Thanks for checking out my video. I appreciate any feedback if you have any. Leave any comment on the youtube video itself on my page.

Upcoming posts will be over some films I have been shooting with, a recent trip to Arkansas for a morning hike to Hawksbill Crag, and… I bout a new camera. The Canon r6, so I am sure I will share my thoughts on it soon in blog post.

See you all next time!

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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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