NW Arkansas at Peak Color- Canon r6

My second trip to NW Arkansas in the past three weeks and this one turned out to be my best trip for the amount of images that I left with. To set the “mood” I left at 5am Saturday morning, putting me in the valley around sunset at 7:30 ish. Turn on a podcast and drive through the dark, the 2 hour plus drive flies by. As I get closer, it’s starting to get brighter out and I can see the tree colors popping.

As I am just a few miles out of the valley I am about to drop in, you can see the fog that has settled in the valley and I knew I wanted to fly my drone(Mavic Mini) before entering the Buffalo National Forest near the Boxley Valley Historic District. The views were breathtaking.

After dropping down into the valley, you’re bound to see the Elk that roam the area and that was my first stop was to see the elk. As soon as I turn into the valley, there was one of the biggest elk I have ever seen with a huge rack. The fog was super dense which added to the mood of the photos I had taken all morning. The big elk was 30 yards off of the road and I fired off as many shots as I could until a old man went into the fenced area and made it run away. Which was weird because his wife was taking photos as well in the same spot. Which was fine, I caught the whole heard later on. I made a few passes down the normal area I see the elk in and couldnt see anything due to how dense the fog was, so then I decided to get onto my first trail.

The first trail I decided on was Lost Valley trail to Eden Falls. Last time here the falls were at a trickle but with NW Arkansas getting rain for 4 days straight it had to be flowing. As I pulled into the parking lot, to my left is a field and the herd of Elk that everyone was waiting for out on the main road in the valley were just around the corner, so I took some photos and moved on down the trail to Eden Falls. Passing people on there way out, as the sun starts to break through to my back. The sun coming through the fog really set the mood for some images of the trees and creek and fall colors. I took some photos of the waterfalls on this creek and some of the trees and decided it was time to head to the next location.

The next location was at Camp Orr and that was just about 30 miles away up and over some valleys and there you can find, Triple Falls. At the end of the trail is a nice triple water fall and it was awesome. It came with difficulty as the sun was shining straight down into the falls from behind, so you had to watch the glare and the waterfalls spray so you wouldnt lose the image to water droplets. All in all I got some images I really liked.

This video will show the drone footage and some of the photos I speak of so you can really see the beauty in this day trip to NW Arkansas.

Thanks for stopping by!

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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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