Fuji Superia Xtra 400 – Arkansas Trip

On a recent trip to Arkansas I put a roll of Superia Xtra 400 into my Nikon f4 and pushed it one stop. Pushing it one stop makes the 400 iso/asa film a 800 iso/asa film. This allowed me to have faster shutter speeds but also brings in more noise/grain into the photos. This film is cheap enough, I like trying it out often for run and gun shoots or just random outings.

In my hope for a full roll of images I liked, I ended up with a just a few that I liked. Mostly the issue was some were out of focus. This is due to me using a new lens to me which is a classic Nikon 200mm f4 manual focus lens. Though the photos that I did like or felt were good enough to show I really like for how the colors came out from pushing the film.

You may ask yourself, in a roll of 36 photos, this is it? Yeah. It was an experiment and with a 200mm lens, hitting focus is a bit hard handheld no matter how steady you think you are. Next time I will be pushing this film with an auto focus lens as I do like how the colors came out. I have a roll of this loaded up now that i will be pulling either 1 or 2 stops to see how that goes!

I have about 5 rolls of film sitting in the fridge waiting to be used on the perfect day. I have CineStill 50d, Fuji Natura 1600, Fuji 400h and Ilford Ortho 50. I am super excited to try all of these films out. 2 of 3 of them are being saved for a trip to New Mexico I am going on in January for my 30th birthday. I know The ilford Ortho and the Fuji Natura 1600 will make that trip for sure. I also have a roll of Kodak HIE coming in the mail soon but that film will be a struggle to figure out so not sure when and where I will be shooting that one!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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