Social Media

Hey everyone, something different today.

No photos or videos unless you choose. I want to share my social medias for people that dont follow along on Instagram or Youtube.

Photography is where it all started for me, I was on IG when it first launched but I have now moved profiles and have 3 at the moment, all for seperate style of work.

My instagram that I post mostly to is and this is where you will find nature, portraits, architecture. It covers a good variety of things that I love to take photos of. My other two pages are and

It’s pretty straight forward here. DLsports is where I post my sports photography and occasional video and DerekAndFilm is where I post my film photography. If you’re into any of that I would appreciate the follow and let me know what you think of my work on any of those.

Lastly is my youtube. Youtube was just a place for me to kind of create videos so I can look back at memories and I slowly started doing videos over the gear I have or the places I have been to. I also share some sports photography and film photography stuff and that has been a fun new addition as of recently. So check that out if you want at

Thanks for checking out my blog. I go over photography and videography topics in my life so check out my recent posts.

Until next time!

Published by dereklivingston9

I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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