New Beginning

2021 is off to a good start. A school I have grown up loving has given me an opportunity I have always wanted. I am now a freelance photographer for the athletics department.

I have been shooting sports for close to 5 years and after graduating college from PSU I wanted to find a sports photography job but that wasn’t happening at the time. Moving wasn’t an option and say I found other ways to work with my camera. I have moved into video but sports has always been my love. Now, I have been given the opportunity to shoot at a higher level. I have shot many college events and sporting activities with the newspaper here in Joplin, but this will be at a more constant rate. I am excited to be busy or at least more than I normally am and shoot sports.

This came at a perfect time in my life to be honest but check out this video to hear more and see some of my past work of Pitt State Athletics.

There isn’t much more to say but would appreciate if you watched the video and checked out the images I put in it. Excited to share more work in the future and check out my sports Instagram at @ DLSports.