An introduction.

Hello everyone,

Today, I want to introduce myself to you all. I am Derek Livingston. I am a full time videographer and a freelance photographer. I have been working with a camera in hand for about 5 years now. I have jumped around a good bit to just stay busy and justify my camera gear purchases.

When it comes to photography, I started with nature and landscape photography for the most part. I had tried my hand at portrait photography off and on and it’s grown on me and would love to be more active in it but posing people isn’t something I am good at in my opinion. Then comes weddings and realize very quickly that wedding photography is something I will never do. Then there is sports photography. Sports photography is a huge passion of mine and something I really love to do. It has always been something I can fall back to when I need a break from my other areas of work. I love getting out and shooting sports whenever, wherever that may be. I recently started a new freelance gig and that is shooting sports for a local college. This is something I have been working towards and super excited to see what the future holds for me in sports photography.

Now, onto video work. My video work started in weddings and client work at a marketing agency. The marketing agency was a mix of work from youtube, tv, or social media video. Then came weddings, and since leaving the marketing agency I am still a full time videographer for an education company and still video weddings when I can. Now let’s jump out of work and get more personal.

I am married to my wife Terra. We have one cat, two dogs and multiple nieces with a niece or nephew on the way! We love seeing our family, going to breweries and trying out new beers and being outside. We often go to Dallas for weekend getaways or a cowboys game. Since the pandemic we have found many new shows to watch and we love to watch movies. On to me. I love to play Call of Duty warzone with my brothers and my friends. I love to go hiking as Arkansas is right across the border with plenty of things to see. I also love cars, cooking, camping and working on youtube videos. I am always looking for things to take video or photos of to share on social media. I am very active on instagram to share my work in many different ways. I have a page for just about everything I do. That is to keep everything separate for my liking.

Some details I should have maybe started with is, I am 30 years old and we live in Joplin, Missouri. Id say Joplin, is not our forever home. Once my wife finishes up school, we will then decide on where to settle down depending on where she gets a job at. She is a nurse on the ICU floor at our local hospital.

That is all I have for you today. Until next time, have a great day

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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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