Anamorphic Lens flares

You know those movies that have lens flares with every light hit in the frame? Star Trek for example has a rumored 700+ lens flares in one of the recent releases and that is all due to an Anamorphic lens. Cinema lenses are crazy pricey and anamorphic lenses are expensive and require extra work in post. I won’t get into the details on that process but I have found a solution to cheat my way into the anamorphic lens flare genre without the price or the workflow that goes into it.

I have came across a lens filter I can apply to the front of my lens to give me that lens flare. If you’re wondering what lens flare I am talking about, google Star Trek Lens Flare for some examples but in this video I made, you can see some example footage of what I am talking about as well. I bout the PrismLensFX blue flare filter and I am excited to try it out!

Check this out!

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