A year of so much growth and learning.

Learning who some people really are..learning that some relationships are not worth the time and others are. I learn I strive alone. Mentally a day hike alone is better than company. I also learned that I don’t have much figured out.

I am at a constant struggle on what I want to do. Struggle with wanting to write any more of these. I just ramble in these now. It’s 2am on 1/1/2022, I can’t sleep so I came into my office. I went to youtube and I started the first album that popped into my head. Manchester Orchestra’s Mean Everything to Nothing album. No matter where I am, how I feel, this album is always a great play.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future, the past, and what I want. I get random urges where I know I am not meant to be where I am. I don’t feel at home in Joplin, Missouri. It’s a location that worked so well for both of our jobs. I go to NW Arkansas or Dallas and I feel more at home and I am in a hotel or air BnB. I mean, I have never been to NYC and I get the urge that one day I want to be there. I think that mostly comes from videos, vlogs, and movies of what NYC is but it is what it is.

On to my work. Wedding videos are very slow, sports photography stays a passion, as it’s ever evolving…just doesn’t pay well so. My full-time job is great, the place is awesome, the people are nice. No complaints there. I just feel like I want more in my overall work. Once I get into a box, I want to just break free.

Also, apologies to anyone that actually reads these horribly written blog posts. Writing isn’t my strong suit and I started this blog in hopes it would get better but ive gotten lazy and I feel like this is now more of a journal for me to look back on.

Here’s to a great 2022 with more travel… I hope.