Friends. Not the show.

This past year has given me some of the best of friends. Something that has not really been in my life since high school so 2009ish. I didn’t have the normal college life. Lived at home or drove to school and worked a full time job so making friends outside of class didn’t happen much. I had plenty in class but outside of the classroom it just wasn’t happening. Fast forward to 2020 and cov*d.

Working from home for a good 6 months gave me a lot of time to start some new hobbies. One hobby or addiction is Call of Duty : Warzone and the other is film photography. I got a new film camera and now shoot tons of film. At this time, I was doing wedding videos, where I worked with local photographers and that lead us to Warzone talk and playing and now I play with a group of friends multiple times a week and we all talk everyday. Friendship was built on the interest of a game. We play, we talk and have real friendships from a game. It’s unreal really but its a blessing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

That group splits off to multiple friendships where we can talk about each others specifics interests, whether that is gaming, photography, travel, food…whatever really. One friendship with another photographer has lead us to meeting up multiple times a week to talk about life and photography and often go shoot some film. This doesn’t even go into how much my brothers and I have become more than just brothers during this time. We play warzone weekly together, we catch up and talk and it’s given us a better relationship as friends and brothers. They might not see it but we used to be just brothers. Our friendship and brotherhood started to get stronger years ago when we all moved to Dodge City,Kansas but gaming allows us to talk and not just send tik toks or memes to eachother. Onward…

This story or post has so much information and detail left out but i know when I come back to my blog next year or 10 years down the road, I will see this and remember the friendships I had at this moment that I am beyond thankful for. The reason I write this is because for years, I have had friendship that just falter over time and I would put in time to stay in touch, meet up with them, try to make time to hang out and they’ve usually just ended with time. I said recently, I am done trying and putting time into friendships that are so one sided. I am mentally in a better place not trying to make those friendships work because I look at the recent ones that I have build and are maintained with a mutual effort from both sides.

End of my jumbled blog.

Weekend Escape – Ponca, Arkansas

6 Months in the make was a weekend trip to one of my favorite places in Arkansas and that is the Ponca, Ark area. The views, trails, waterways are just amazing to take in and explore. My wife and I booked a cabin for the weekend through the Buffalo Outdoor Center for her first trip to the area. I really love the area in the fall for the trees changing colors, morning fog and cooler weather but summer time it was and still plenty to do if you start early before the heat wave.

We got lucky and it was crazy nice out and wasn’t too hot so getting some trails in and scenic view wasn’t hard. Check out the video to see more from out adventure with some video and photos!

New Camera

You would think at this point that I have enough camera gear but as you make friends, find new photographers to follow on social media and youtube you get influenced and introduced to new cameras and gear you find appealing.

Film photography is something I have fully dove into the past year or so and that all has been 35mm film. 35mm is the most common film to shoot and the easiest to get ahold of. Then there is medium format, which shoots 120. You get a bigger negative with medium format allowing for the photos to have more detail and resolution. Many of my favorite photographers shoot or have shot medium format and that plays in a roll into why I chose to get a medium format camera.

Well before buying it, I took a test roll and shot it on my friends Pentax 645 and when the photos came back I actually got goosebumps seeing the images. I have been so used to 35mm that when I saw these medium format photos I was blown away.

Check out my video here:

See you all next time!

Anamorphic Lens flares

You know those movies that have lens flares with every light hit in the frame? Star Trek for example has a rumored 700+ lens flares in one of the recent releases and that is all due to an Anamorphic lens. Cinema lenses are crazy pricey and anamorphic lenses are expensive and require extra work in post. I won’t get into the details on that process but I have found a solution to cheat my way into the anamorphic lens flare genre without the price or the workflow that goes into it.

I have came across a lens filter I can apply to the front of my lens to give me that lens flare. If you’re wondering what lens flare I am talking about, google Star Trek Lens Flare for some examples but in this video I made, you can see some example footage of what I am talking about as well. I bout the PrismLensFX blue flare filter and I am excited to try it out!

Check this out!

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