Anamorphic Lens flares

You know those movies that have lens flares with every light hit in the frame? Star Trek for example has a rumored 700+ lens flares in one of the recent releases and that is all due to an Anamorphic lens. Cinema lenses are crazy pricey and anamorphic lenses are expensive and require extra work in post. I won’t get into the details on that process but I have found a solution to cheat my way into the anamorphic lens flare genre without the price or the workflow that goes into it.

I have came across a lens filter I can apply to the front of my lens to give me that lens flare. If you’re wondering what lens flare I am talking about, google Star Trek Lens Flare for some examples but in this video I made, you can see some example footage of what I am talking about as well. I bout the PrismLensFX blue flare filter and I am excited to try it out!

Check this out!

Adding this lens was 100% the right move.

I have wanted this lens for awhile but I always talked myself out of it. “Will I actually use it?” etc in my head over and over and would always back out. I then found a good deal on a used one for half the price and jumped on it.

The lens in discussion here is the Canon 100mm macro f2.8 lens. This isn’t the L series lens. I have yet to fall to the hype of the L series lenses. The only L series lenses I purchase are the 70-200 f2.8 but that is because there isn’t a non-L 70-200 by canon and third party 70-200 usually are softer in my experience.

Back to the lens. The macro has been an awesome lens to have for video and photo. My first test was a wedding video shoot a couple weeks ago and I used it on some of the detail shots. I shot them handheld on the Canon r6. To use it on this lens, I have to use the EF to RF adapter but it works perfectly with this so its easy to use. You can see my sample shots in this video.

I recently took the lens out to try some landscape photos with it and some not so much macro on a local college campus. I really liked how tight I was able to get without carrying a large zoom lens. Typically my go to lens is either a 24mm or 85mm but this 100mm was a nice change as I could jump into a normal photo but also follow it up with some macro shots.

Here are a few of those shots.

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Adding that cinematic look to my wedding films.

Using a filter can be too much for some photo and video projects. When people think of filters, I assume they think about Instagram filters where it changes the photo in every way and are often too strong.

Now, the filter I am here to talk about is a diffusion filter. Which is different in how it works and what it does compared to a photo filter. This is a filter you put on the front of a lens and it softens the light. It can also help with skin by smoothing it a little bit but I mostly use it for the softer light look that it gives photos and video.

I picked up this new lens a few months back and finally got into my wedding season to show some sample footage from a previous video. Check out this link to see what I am talking about!

Wedding Season

Two weddings under my belt for 2021. All together I booked 6 weddings for 2021 and I feel like that is a good number for me. I still work a full time job and freelance for Pitt State athletics so weddings are just another side gig. I love being able to do them but not sure it’s something I would want to do more of in the future. Maybe cap at 10 overall in the future years as I could have had over 10 this years if dates worked better.

With have a handful of wedding videos done from 2020 and my first one out of 2021 with another one in the editing bay, I made a page on my site dedicated to my wedding videos. I post them on my youtube and link them to my page.

If you would like to check them out, go to :

My newest one is right on top and then 2020 follows underneath. I feel like its still a working process to figure out my style and get better with everyone single one. This year I have sold the 5d mark iv and now have two Canon r6’s. I shoot with a 24mm f1.4 sigma art lens and a Canon 85mm f1.8. I love having two different focal lengths to hop back and forth with and prime lenses are sharper so I have chosen to use two bodies over one and a zoom lens.

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