Canon: 35mm F2 is usm vs 35mm F1.4 L

With my multiple jobs within the photography field I get my hands on many lenses. This Saturday I had to video a wedding and my boss handed me the 35mm 1.4 L lens he rented from I had about a hour tonight to work with the f1.4 and so I took some photos to compare it to my 35mm F2.



Very simple set of images but if you know what to look for, you will catch the differences here. The Depth of field varies between the two lenses, which is a given with the f/stop difference. The amount of light the f1.4 allows in compared to the f.2 is significant causing me to change shutter speed in the photos between lenses.

Now, biggest question is..what is the price difference.

35mm f2 IS USM: MSRP $599.00      35mm f1.4 L: MSRP $1,099


Now, would you pay the difference here? Do you feel like it’s worth the f/stop difference? I’d say, it depends on what you plan on using it for, what do you shoot often? If you’re shooting in low light situations the f1.4 would be the given choice but the f/2 comes with 4 stops of Image Stabilization. Which is something I have not tested on my lens yet and will probably bring in a future blog post.


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Canon: 85mm f1.2 vs 85mm f1.8

Is there a difference and can you spot it?

I took 20 min tonight and shot some photos with my Canon 5d Mark IV and swapped between the 85mm F1.8 and the F1.2.

F1.2 and a f1.8 have a huge price gap but can you spot the difference?

Canon f1.2 L II – MSRP $2199        Canon f1.8 – MSRP $430


Left: F1.2                                            Right: F1.8

Left: F1.2                                             Right: F1.8

These are very basic examples and wish I had a better chance to do a more in detail comparison but it’s raining out so I am stuck inside.

Left: f1.2                                                    Right: 1.8

Here in these last two, I took both photos in manual focus and racked them out of focus to get the “Bokeh ball” look here. Here you can really see the difference between f1.2 and f1.8 at 85mm.

I think the biggest benefit would be the f1.2 in low light conditions but is it really that much of a benefit from f1.8? Maybe I will do a low light test and see if it’s really worth the $$$.

Until next time.


Where did I start and Where am I going?

Well, Hello!

Bought my first DSLR(Canon Rebel t6) in 2016 the day my first credit card came in the mail and that didn’t last long. I took it everywhere, I took horrible portraits, nature(the kind that everyone shoots, sunsets, sunrises and their pets) but they were horrible.

Then, I got the itch to shoot sports and I don’t know why. Yes, I have always loved sports and participated in them but can’t remember why or what made me want to go out and try it. Well long story short, the canon couldn’t handle the low light basketball gym and it was SLOW. Slow as in FPS(Frames per second) so it was hard to catch the action and when I did, it was very noisy or grainy. Then comes the internship I had to take to graduate college and that is where I started to put in the work and more money to get where I needed to so I could photograph sports. At this point I am all in on being a sports photographer. I bought a Nikon D3s(9 FPS and awesome low-light control) and a Nikon 70-200 f2.8, ideal for an entry sports lens as for many other things. From there, I have bought many lenses and a couple other cameras. With sports came, a ton of high school games, some college football, baseball, softball and basketball at the DI and DII level.

Along with sports, I have ventured into many other areas like astro photography, weddings, videos, nature and portraits. I help a local wedding photographer as an associate photographer and also make wedding films. I have published works, have shot magazine covers, photos in advertising, calendars, and have had photos in art galleries. Recently, I have dabbled in video outside of weddings and that is at my full time job at Storm Cloud Marketing in Joplin, Mo. I aid in shooting videos for commercials, social media, web backgrounds and products for websites.

This is a snapshot into what I do and some of the areas I will go into detail about in future posts.





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