New Beginning

2021 is off to a good start. A school I have grown up loving has given me an opportunity I have always wanted. I am now a freelance photographer for the athletics department.

I have been shooting sports for close to 5 years and after graduating college from PSU I wanted to find a sports photography job but that wasn’t happening at the time. Moving wasn’t an option and say I found other ways to work with my camera. I have moved into video but sports has always been my love. Now, I have been given the opportunity to shoot at a higher level. I have shot many college events and sporting activities with the newspaper here in Joplin, but this will be at a more constant rate. I am excited to be busy or at least more than I normally am and shoot sports.

This came at a perfect time in my life to be honest but check out this video to hear more and see some of my past work of Pitt State Athletics.

There isn’t much more to say but would appreciate if you watched the video and checked out the images I put in it. Excited to share more work in the future and check out my sports Instagram at @ DLSports.

2021 and what’s in store.

Something that started in 2020 that was good is shooting wedding videos and that flown over into 2021. Wedding videos is something I didn’t plan on too much and it’s just taken off for me so that is one thing that is in store for my 2021.

Youtube is something else that is slowing growing. It’s growing in the views department more than it is in subscribers. In the past 4 months my views have quadrupled and many of those views are not even on my newest videos but videos I posted years ago but that is okay! I have some videos in store for some newer gear I have gotten recently so that should be fun. I plan on being more creative on my time off with product style photography stuff in my home office. Many things in my head that I need to make happen but we will see what the year holds.

Besides those two big things, there is promoting more and getting more freelance video and photo jobs in my area. Growing my instagram as well would be good and not likes but followers to get my photos and videos visible to more people.

The last thing is to travel more. Even if they’re just day trips to capture the views or whatever it may be. Arkansas is always on the calendar to go for a hike but looking at maybe some new places like the oklahoma dunes or western kansas. Just want to capture new places and also shoot more astrophotography this spring/summer!

Instagram :@DerekLiving @DerekandFilm @DLsports

A Different Style

I have started to post a couple different style of videos as of recently. I just enjoy creating regardless the style. We have had a few days of snow as of a couple weeks ago and so I went for a drive and flew my DJI Mavic Mini. The drive is recorded from my dash window mounted GoPro Hero 6. Below are the two videos. Watch in 4k and enjoy! I have a mountain drive video coming later this week from my recent trip to New Mexico. That also means a video from our trip and some great images, digital and film from our 4 days in Santa Fe/ABQ area.

Thanks for checking them out and see you all next time!

2021, this is it.

New year means… nothing. We still should be grinding for our goals regardless of the new year. Maybe you set new goals because you met some goals in 2020. I jumped off 2020 strong and it ended strong. This year, I do have new goals.

Biggest goal is cutting my debt down by a great margin, no more minimum payments. Ill be taking on my side jobs and not buying things I think I need. More goals for my health, mostly what I consume. Thinking about less red meat and more healthy protein and low carb. We will see if that helps or gets me where I want to be.

Another goal is to push even more on youtube. Find videos that people want to watch and possibly actually subscribe for. If video, photo and film photography is your thing, come check out my channel.

For any gear I use in recent posts and future posts and videos links are here.

Main Lens:
Portrait Lens:
Sports Lens:
On-Camera Mic:
Nikon Film Camera:
Nikon Lens:
Favorite Film:
Budget Film:
Camera Bag:
Camera Case:
Main Light:
Small Light:
Action Camera:

I also thought about maybe dropping the blog. Calling it a good couple of years. Readers are on a low end and growth really isnt there but then I thought… Maybe I am doing it all wrong. I have never looked at ways to grow it and I don’t really share it so the growth is on me. Also, if you are interested I am on Instagram.

Here is to a great 2021 regardless of how crappy 2020 was.

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