CineStill 800t

What a film!

So, if you are new here, I have been getting more and more into film photography and trying out new films. My latest roll of film was CineStill 800t. Cinestill 800t started out as a movie film stock that has been changed up to be used in still photography.

This film is very unique and you will see what I mean when you see the sample photos. The way it deals with lights is something other films don’t do. I am going to keep this one short. Check out this video to see some of the images I came up with.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out my blog. Future posts will be from a trip to Arkansas that I am taking soon, my recent trip to Dallas which will come with more photos and videos of what we, my wife and I did and a blog on my new camera purchase. Stay tuned!

Deep Ellum – Dallas Texas

My wife and I had a long week vacation to Dallas. Original plans fell through with Covid. Concert got moved to 2021 and game tickets were refunded and then reposted for double the price so we skipped on that until 2021 as well. We decided to keep out airbnb’s and just explore the city.

Our first AirBNB was in Deep Ellum of Dallas. This is an area near downtown that is full of shops, bars, restaraunts and art. The art is all over the place and love it. This is the first of a couple blog posts coming from this trip I am sure.

Today, I want to share a short montage video I put together of the street art that fills Deep Ellum!

Check it out!

My next blog post will be from a new film I have been holding on to and that is CineStill 800t. I shot 98 percent of this film at night down in Deep Ellum. Neon lights fill the area so that’s how spent the roll.