Shooting Expired Film

So, I shot some expired film a few weeks back in Arkansas and one of the films came out with a shocking look. Check out my video to see how the photos turned out and how I fixed them for the most part in Lightroom!

New Camera

You would think at this point that I have enough camera gear but as you make friends, find new photographers to follow on social media and youtube you get influenced and introduced to new cameras and gear you find appealing.

Film photography is something I have fully dove into the past year or so and that all has been 35mm film. 35mm is the most common film to shoot and the easiest to get ahold of. Then there is medium format, which shoots 120. You get a bigger negative with medium format allowing for the photos to have more detail and resolution. Many of my favorite photographers shoot or have shot medium format and that plays in a roll into why I chose to get a medium format camera.

Well before buying it, I took a test roll and shot it on my friends Pentax 645 and when the photos came back I actually got goosebumps seeing the images. I have been so used to 35mm that when I saw these medium format photos I was blown away.

Check out my video here:

See you all next time!

Social Media

Hey everyone, something different today.

No photos or videos unless you choose. I want to share my social medias for people that dont follow along on Instagram or Youtube.

Photography is where it all started for me, I was on IG when it first launched but I have now moved profiles and have 3 at the moment, all for seperate style of work.

My instagram that I post mostly to is and this is where you will find nature, portraits, architecture. It covers a good variety of things that I love to take photos of. My other two pages are and

It’s pretty straight forward here. DLsports is where I post my sports photography and occasional video and DerekAndFilm is where I post my film photography. If you’re into any of that I would appreciate the follow and let me know what you think of my work on any of those.

Lastly is my youtube. Youtube was just a place for me to kind of create videos so I can look back at memories and I slowly started doing videos over the gear I have or the places I have been to. I also share some sports photography and film photography stuff and that has been a fun new addition as of recently. So check that out if you want at

Thanks for checking out my blog. I go over photography and videography topics in my life so check out my recent posts.

Until next time!

CineStill 800t

What a film!

So, if you are new here, I have been getting more and more into film photography and trying out new films. My latest roll of film was CineStill 800t. Cinestill 800t started out as a movie film stock that has been changed up to be used in still photography.

This film is very unique and you will see what I mean when you see the sample photos. The way it deals with lights is something other films don’t do. I am going to keep this one short. Check out this video to see some of the images I came up with.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out my blog. Future posts will be from a trip to Arkansas that I am taking soon, my recent trip to Dallas which will come with more photos and videos of what we, my wife and I did and a blog on my new camera purchase. Stay tuned!