Social Media

Hey everyone, something different today. No photos or videos unless you choose. I want to share my social medias for people that dont follow along on Instagram or Youtube. Photography is where it all started for me, I was on IG when it first launched but I have now moved profiles and have 3 atContinue reading “Social Media”

CineStill 800t

What a film! So, if you are new here, I have been getting more and more into film photography and trying out new films. My latest roll of film was CineStill 800t. Cinestill 800t started out as a movie film stock that has been changed up to be used in still photography. This film isContinue reading “CineStill 800t”

My new go-to FILM – Kodak Ektar 100

So, I finally got to finish up my Ektar 100 film. A film best known for portraits if I remember right. I tried to focus on portraits with this film but I did take a couple landscape photos and I loved how they came out! I shot these with my Nikon f4 + Nikkor 20mmContinue reading “My new go-to FILM – Kodak Ektar 100”