Adding this lens was 100% the right move.

I have wanted this lens for awhile but I always talked myself out of it. “Will I actually use it?” etc in my head over and over and would always back out. I then found a good deal on a used one for half the price and jumped on it.

The lens in discussion here is the Canon 100mm macro f2.8 lens. This isn’t the L series lens. I have yet to fall to the hype of the L series lenses. The only L series lenses I purchase are the 70-200 f2.8 but that is because there isn’t a non-L 70-200 by canon and third party 70-200 usually are softer in my experience.

Back to the lens. The macro has been an awesome lens to have for video and photo. My first test was a wedding video shoot a couple weeks ago and I used it on some of the detail shots. I shot them handheld on the Canon r6. To use it on this lens, I have to use the EF to RF adapter but it works perfectly with this so its easy to use. You can see my sample shots in this video.

I recently took the lens out to try some landscape photos with it and some not so much macro on a local college campus. I really liked how tight I was able to get without carrying a large zoom lens. Typically my go to lens is either a 24mm or 85mm but this 100mm was a nice change as I could jump into a normal photo but also follow it up with some macro shots.

Here are a few of those shots.

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