New Camera

You would think at this point that I have enough camera gear but as you make friends, find new photographers to follow on social media and youtube you get influenced and introduced to new cameras and gear you find appealing.

Film photography is something I have fully dove into the past year or so and that all has been 35mm film. 35mm is the most common film to shoot and the easiest to get ahold of. Then there is medium format, which shoots 120. You get a bigger negative with medium format allowing for the photos to have more detail and resolution. Many of my favorite photographers shoot or have shot medium format and that plays in a roll into why I chose to get a medium format camera.

Well before buying it, I took a test roll and shot it on my friends Pentax 645 and when the photos came back I actually got goosebumps seeing the images. I have been so used to 35mm that when I saw these medium format photos I was blown away.

Check out my video here:

See you all next time!