Spring is here.

What a weird world we are in right now. Quarintine, isolation and social distancing has made 2020 a strange time to be living for sure. I have tried to get out for a couple drives here or there to just get out of my house but not stop anywhere, unless it’s for essentials.

While driving around or in the yard I have been able to capture some great in my opinion images. I wanted to share these with you simply to share and maybe give you something new to see besides the insides of your house or whatever it may be.

Dogwood and Mayapple I think is what we have here. The dogwood have these beautiful white flowers that bloom all over the tree. The mayapple has one flower that blooms under it’s canopy as you can see in the third image before the topside photo. They cover the whole forest floor in areas.

These images were all taken with the Canon 5d Mark Iv and the Canon 85mm f1.8. I shot most of these at 1.8 or f2.

Hope everyone is well and staying busy, as well as healthy and safe. I am working from home so thats the reality for the past couple weeks and it’s been good and they days fly by really. Being busy really helps and being able to be home with my wife and pets more throughtout the week has been a blessing.

Soon I will have a short film/documentary out that I can share with you all. My wife is a nurse on the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital so that’s the premise, her job that is.

See you next time!