Anniversary in Tennessee

Hello everyone!

October 13th was my one year of being married and with that said, my wife and I decided to make the 8-hour drive to Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate. We got an Air BNB just south of Nashville out and away from the city.



We spent our time in Nashville trying to do as much as we could. Our first stop was BBQ We visited a couple of plantations, Rippavilla and Belle Meade Plantation to be specific. What history you can see in both of those places. The way houses were built and set up during that time period is very interesting to me. We also check out Old Smoky Moonshine and YeeHaw Brewing Company downtown Nashville. There we tried out some moonshine and a beer before heading down to the Johnny Cash Museum(We love Cash). That was cool to get some more into his history and story, even though we knew a big chunk of it already.  We tried out multiple different food spots and too many to name but let’s just say, it was all awesome.

The time away was the best part and not living by a schedule. Our lives are structured so much by schedules, that the break was well needed and wanted by both of us.

While we were there we just went and did what we wanted when we wanted and it turned out perfect. Below I will share some photos and a link to a video I put together of C-Log footage to color graded as I tested out the C-Log and some luts that I have been wanting to try out.

Oh yeah, we also went to Jack Daniels for a tour and seen an Albino deer as we were leaving on our last day! This post could have been more in-depth but in short, we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in Nashville, we ate some food, saw some historical places, drank a good amount of beer and liquor and enjoyed the outdoors. Perfect week in Nashville.


Notes: Most photos and all the video was shot with the Canon 35mm IS USM on the 5d Mark Iv. I used Fro Knows Photo presets on the photos and used a Matti Haapoja lut to start the color grade process on the video.


Until next time,


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