Out in the snow!

One day it was 70 degrees and sunny and you can see that in my last blog about my 70-200 I just got. Well, the cold came and the snow came with it and with that said, my wife and I had to get out for some snow photos, as you do.

We went back to the same trails you will see in the last blog but now, it’s covered in snow. This trail was about 2-3 inches deep as there is a good amount of tree cover. It was cold but I was determined to get some photos and try out the lens for some video.

Check out this video below to see some of the shots I captured and some video clips that I put together from the 70-200mm f2.8 paired to my Canon 5d Mark iv.


Another blog and video are coming soon as I just picked up a Nikon f4. The blog will cover my reasoning for picking up a Film camera from the 80s. A really cool story that I love to tell people comes along with the reasoning.

See you all next time and thanks for coming back!


Published by dereklivingston9

I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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