Why I bought this camera. US GOVT ties.

I bought a new camera and it’s the Nikon f4. It’s a 35mm film camera from the ’80s and I am super excited to get out with it more. I am going to be trying some fun stuff with it in the coming months!

I plan on getting some higher ASA/iso film and a cable shutter release so I can try out astrophotography and see if I can capture some cool film shots of the milky way! Also, I plan on trying out double exposures on film as that is an option on the Nikon f4. For the age of this camera, I feel like it had to be a game-changer back when it came out.

Now to the main reason I picked up the Nikon F4 film camera. Early in my photography journey, I shot all Nikon. I had a Nikon d3s body and Nikon lenses and sports photography was my jam. I had a 70-200mm 120-300mm lens and a 50mm but I really wanted something wider to shoot the stars with and architecture. I had looked around, wasn’t sure about what lens to get so I went to Facebook. I posted asking if anyone had any wide-angle lenses for sale. Looking for a good deal of course and no one had anything, which wasn’t a shocker considering my Facebook is just family, high school classmates I don’t speak to and a couple college teachers and fellow students I had met along the way.

Then a package comes in the mail weeks later. It was from my uncle, a longtime photographer and a government photographer for his whole career until retirement after 30+ years. He had sent me a 20mm f2.8 D lens by Nikon.

So fast forward to why this lens is the reason I bought the Nikon F4. Well, as time has gone by, I have been to a couple jobs through the years and that brought on new gear over time. I bought a Canon 5d mark iv for everything out of sports photography. That lead to buying canon lenses and getting rid of Nikon gear along the way as I can now do any of my sports photography with the 5d mark iv. Recently I have decided to sell all of my Nikon gear but I will not sell lens. It’s a gift I will never get rid of so I decided to keep it and figured why not put it on a camera that it could have been used with back in the day.

Above is the video of me taking the camera out. PHOTOS to come in the near future once they’re developed and I can’t wait to see them. I took some double exposures and just shot some ransom nature stuff. I will be ordering film soon along with the shutter cable release so when it warms up a bit I can go out and shoot some stars.


Thanks for coming back for another post. Have a great week!



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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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