It’s been awhile.

This is probably the end of the blog. I am not motivated anymore to document in text. My motivation for most things are pretty low right now and that is on me. It’s time to make some changes and keeping this up or not won’t change anything. It’s time to get back into creating videos for my youtube and build my channel. I want to be more creative in many other areas and I’ve been slacking. Warzone, the game has taken over my life. Its been a blessing to have my friends in my ears talking and joking around so often and actually having a friend group but I plan too much of my time around the game. Addicted? Yes, 100%. Ive pushed too many things aside to play the game. On another note, I am about t finish up my 2021 wedding videos, one more to go and booking 2022. I have started to edit videos for a Fb Gamer and create thumbnails on occasion so that creative process has been fun for my creative side and staying busy.

Ill end it with goals for 2022 and maybe come back for an update if I achieve any. I am sure ill pop in a few times this year but won’t be writing as much as I have in the past.

Goas for 2022

-Book more weddings as a way to pay off my school loans and car loan.

-Build my youtube channel to 1,000 subs. Just broke 500 this month.

-Spend less time playing video games.

-Be More active. Im fat and 30, not a good combo.

-Get outside more.

-Buy less crap.

-Build friendships past social media.

Ill start with those and see how it goes. I have other personal goals but they don’t need to be in text for you.

If you have always read my blogs, I thank you. I started this as a way to vent and just get things out because I don’t talk much about things to people. I usually keep my problems in and try to be positive because I hate gossip and drama. I had enough in high school that I don’t need it now. If you’re new, thanks for coming. My website shows all of my work for the most part. I am on instagram, youtube, twitter. I post pretty often on all of them.

Have a great day, week, year and life.


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I am a freelance photographer and full-time videographer.

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